ART 1120 |  Project 2
October 8, 2014

Assignment: In Illustrator create three separate compositions using
the following guidelines:

 Drawing upon the shapes developed in Project 1, choose one closed shape for each panel (3 total) and scan shape into computer as a tiff at 300 dpi.
 Open and create three files in Illustrator for each shape. Import shape into illustrator. 

 As you are composing the panels, use scale, color, and repetition to create
new compositions.

 Compose one composition (3 total) for each of the following to demonstrate:
1. Rhythm (one composition)
2. Symmetry (one composition)
3. Hierarchy (one composition)

 For each, repeat only one shape, but change it’s size, color, and
orientation for variety as needed.

 Each panel should use one hue (color), but any range of values.
 All three panels should function well as a series.

 Execute this exercise in Illustrator.
Tape Rhythm
Elvis-Hair Symmetry
Bird Hierarchy
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