Assignment: Choose a small object to use as a stand-in for yourself in Google and use it in three small compositions to suggest something of your past, present, and future.

Use the same object in each composition, but adjust the color, lighting, composition and repetition to change the emotional and symbolic impact.
Each composition will employ… 

1)     A subject (figure): that thing that will be “you” in the image.
2)     A background (ground): the surface “you” sit on, float in front of or otherwise interact within the image.
3)     Contextual elements: other subordinate elements to that inform the “story” you are telling, for example, you could use a map for the background space.

The stand in should be the same for all three images, but it may be used in different ways throughout the three compositions. You may bring in different images to tell each story of your past, present, and future but the series should work as a whole and be cohesive visually.

For each, it is important to achieve…

1) a sense of space
2) a strong, active, unified composition, and
3) a high level of craft in manipulating and working in Photoshop with each layer to compose the different elements into a whole.
"The camera represents me in theses compositions. It has always been around for most of my life. My family has taken many photos and videos since I was little. I love videography and photography and as I reflect on my life, I imagine what it would look like from the reflection off of a camera lens." - Josh Stephens
This represents a simpler time in my life as a child. I love boating to this day, but as a child that was as complex as life got.​​​​​​​
Balancing school full time, running a business, and trying to keep a social life is a hectic balancing act without enough arms.
This represents a time in my future of both responsibility and joy, where I will be a husband and a father. Family Photo time.
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